It's time... for #ShesInLondon

Thank you to all our supporters and fans that have made 'She's in London' such a big success... and we are delighted to announce that the time has come for us to set the series free into the big wide world and have the OFFICIAL global FREE launch of the series.

This means anyone with access to You Tube will be able to watch the series for free. We're so excited and can't wait for as many people as possible to watch it.

The launch will be Sunday 4 September at 5pm on the Planet M You Tube Channel. All 6 episodes will be released at the same time so you can binge watch away! Why not have a launch party with all your friends?

In the mean time, there's plenty of Behind the Scenes content - interviews with cast, characters and outtakes -  to keep you going :)

We're also delighted to announce that 'She's in London' has been selected for the Wotever DIY Film Festival, 3-4 September in London.
Catch us in the Communities Shorts Programme. Exciting! (Free entry).

We'd love to hear your feedback from season 1 if you have already watched it! Tell us on social media using #ShesInLondon or @PlanetM_Films