The First Day...

40@40 in 2020

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 03 January 2020

Yes, it's hard to believe, but this year I turn 40 in the year 2020. To celebrate I am spending all year doing crazy activities and trying to raise £4040 for 4 well deserving charities who support causes close to my heart. 

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Head Strong: How I managed my mental health during my studies

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 03 September 2019

Katie shares her personal experience about starting university whilst facing mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Through accessing some of the support services available, Katie has been able to thrive whilst at Warwick. Read about her journey here... 

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Ready, Set, Present: Be ready for your first conference presentation

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 22 August 2019

There are many ways to make the most of learning experiences at university, and one valuable transferable skill is presenting to an audience. Katie talks about her experience of presenting at a conference for the first time and what she learned…

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Lost at sea: How to navigate the second year of a part-time masters

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 25 July 2019

Undertaking a masters degree at Warwick is not for the faint-hearted. On top of that many students choose a part-time pathway, which brings a whole set of additional challenges for staying focused and succeeding. Katie shares some of the methods she and her classmates have adopted in order to keep the ship on course…

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Writing is rewriting, right?

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 25 June 2019

Creative writers know better than anyone the pain and necessity for editing work and they often spend months perfecting draft after draft. Katie shares tips and ideas from the writing toolbox that can shortcut some of the most common pitfalls and help refine your dissertation into a masterpiece…

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Accessible Higher Education: How can I influence my course content to be more representative and inclusive?

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 14 May 2019

Have you ever felt your course and curriculum syllabuses don’t always represent the diverse student population here at Warwick? Do you come up against privilege biases in perspectives, theories, models, texts and data that are taught? To think about your role in shaping how your curriculum is developed so that it is more inclusive and representative of genuinely diverse perspectives, Katie considers what is underway at Warwick to “liberate the curriculum”…

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Am I a Researcher?

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 11 April 2019

Unsure whether a final year research project or dissertation is for you? Interested in creative ways to build your skills and confidence for employers? Want more than just to be told what knowledge is important? To see how students can drive and shape their own learning experience at Warwick, Katie explores the possibilities and opportunities in research for taught students…

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Super-Vision: the dissertation super hero

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 01 February 2019

What’s the point of supervisions? They may seem like a tedious formality, but Katie discusses ideas on how to make these sessions meaningful, based on her own experiences throughout her MA dissertation project…

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Film review: Life of the Party

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 18 May 2018

The storyline puts women very much as the forefront, but remains subtle in its feminist message. It shows us how women, and their friendships, can overcome any adversity and indeed come out stronger. It shows what happens when women pull together and it guides us to that message without hitting us over the head with it. 

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To the future #MentalHealth

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 20 April 2018

I've been on a journey, for nearly two years now. 

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Missing my period

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 20 September 2017

Two years ago, I started the menopause - about 15 years before I expected to if it had been natural, which affects around 5% of women. I had no choice. But one benefit, I had thought would be never having to have a period again.

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The Privilege of Mental Ill Health in 2017 #MentalHealth

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 06 August 2017

I am currently in the middle of what might have previously been called a nervous breakdown. I have faced some life situation adversities in the last few years that have collectively triggered a major episode of anxiety disorder for me. 

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#MentalHealth - My Road to Healing

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 05 August 2017

I'm embarking on an escape. I need to leave the claustrophobia of London and the South East and feel some gentle freedom in the green and pleasant fields outside the anchor of the M25.

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My lesbian soundtrack for the year of healing: 2017 #MentalHealth

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 05 August 2017

It's been the music of the Indigo Girls especially that has played a large part in helping me reconnect and re-identify with parts of myself I thought I had lost. Parts of myself that existed before all the bad stuff happened. It has been wonderful. Their music, some of it around 30 years old is still as touching, meaningful, important and revolutionary as it ever was.

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Performing @ L Fest 2017

Posted by Katie Margaret Hall on 05 August 2017

I remember my first L Fest in 2013 and watching the amazing poet and author Jackie Kay perform on the arts stage. She has always been a role model of mine. I thought, one day I would like to be on this stage performing to the L fest crowd.

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