40@40 in 2020

Yes, it's hard to believe, but I am turning 40 in the year 2020 (April 15th to be exact). To celebrate, I am spending all year doing crazy activities and trying to raise £440 for 4 incredible charities who deliver excellent services in causes close to my heart.  Below is the full list of challenges. You are invited to join me on any of the challenges or make your own list!

Please support my charitable causes anytime, via my JUSTGIVING PAGE.

I will update with progress and photos below. 

Track progress of all the challenges here

40 @ 40 challenge list and plans

  1. Raise at least £440 for my nominated charities (Macmillan, Mind in Kingston, Albert Kennedy Trust, Galop)

  2. Hit a home run in a softball league game or tournament.

  3. Watch the 100 best films of all time

  4. Read 40 new books (So far... 5 complete)

  5. Escape from at least 4 escape rooms 

  6. A Sky dive

  7. Walk 3 million steps (starting 1 April 2020)

  8. Lose 40 lbs (as of 29.02.20 halfway there!!)

  9. Attempt a world record

  10. Win a TV quiz or game show (Not The Chase!!) 

  11. Watch a live recording of Saturday Night Live 

  12. See the Northern Lights (complete)

    Northern LIghts


  13. Three peaks challenge

  14. Attempt Offas Dyke Walk

  15. Hold a banging 40th birthday / cancer recovery party

  16. Ride the front row of all the rollercoasters at a theme park

  17. Be an extra on a well known film or TV show

  18. Be a life model

  19. Watch a meteor shower

  20. Visit 40 waterfalls

  21. Encourage 40 people to give blood in my place (volunteers please! I am unable to give blood)

  22. Run 5k without stopping (and in under 40 mins)

  23. Swim 40 lengths in 30 minutes

  24. Travel on the Orient Express

  25. Become a regular volunteer for a cause I admire

  26. Have skiing lessons on real snow

  27. Go at least 40 days without biting my nails

  28. Go proper camping again and overcome fear of putting up a tent 

  29. Place in a writing contest (complete)

  30. Learn to sing and play guitar of a song I love

  31. Cook 40 times for Mum and Dave

  32. Sun bathe on a naturist beach

  33. No alcohol and sugar for 40 days (As of 08.03.20 it's 45 days of no alcohol)

  34. Attend 40 prides or LGBT festivals 

  35. Approach at least 40 literary agents (or until I find one) (Positive response from a publisher...)

  36. Write 40 new poems (2 complete)

  37. Walk to 100km Ultra Challenge Thames Path Walk

  38. Finish first draft of my novel ‘To Autumn’ (c.40,000 words to go…)

  39. Do at least 4 day trips by train

  40. Learn how to do a Tim Tam Slam (Complete!) Set by Denise and Jem
    Tim Tam Slam