KATIE MARGARET HALL is a forty-something journalist and writing lesbian Londoner. She is co-founder and former editor-in-chief of the Planet London family of websites and contributed hundreds of articles for the LBQ community including book & film reviews, celebrity interviews, opinion pieces and features between 2011 and 2015 as Editor-in-Chief.

Katie's latest project is the quirky podcast 'Inspector Detective On Chan Tay; which she co-wrote and co-performed alongside Sally McFerran (available on the Lesbian Lounge Podcast channel). Katie has recently been longlisted for the second Primadonna Writing Prize, and was included in the Arachne Press 'Tymes goe by turnes' anthology (2020). In 2019, Katie was shortlisted for the Lichfield Cathedral The Word poetry prize. Katie released her debut poetry collection 'The Nature of Fragments', in 2016 and was published in the independent short story anthologies 'L Is For...', (2014), ‘Manifest: New Writing from Warwick’ (2018) and ‘Chimera: Warwick MA in Writing Anthology’ (2019). Katie is the creator and screenwriter of the first London LBQ web series, the award winning 'She's in London' which is available to watch at www.shes-in-london.comKatie is the 2015 Ultimate Planet Awards journalist of the year and 'She's in London' is the 2015 Ultimate Planet Awards webseries of the year.  She is currently a creative practice PhD student at Kingston University, with project Queer as Friends, editing her debut novel and freelancing as a journalist for LGBTQ lifestyle press

A poet since the age of 5, creative writing cup winner at high school, writing is all she ever wanted to do.


Tales from the Ether Cover

Award winning writing, previously published writing and new writing. Easy to read from cover to cover, dip intoor graze. Skim, ponder, study by yourself, study with a class. The generous dead, the vengeful dead, the bored dead and ... well, the dead. Cats and food banks, alleyways and cemeteries. An array of short form by emerging writers: poetry, gothic, romance, historic, young adult, crime, twists in the tale, school stories, hybrid, humour, life writing, literary and non-fiction-all within one volume. Stories set in India, Italy, Indonesia, the UK and the USA. Writers from around the world and voices from under represented groups. Stong female leads, gutsy takes on love, ambition, disappointment, disability, friendship, colourism and racism. Muslims, Catholics and those for whom religion isn't a thing. Enjoy! Buy here

Tyme goes by turnes cover

A Corona virus influenced anthology; stories and poems in response to the poem TYMES GOE BY TURNES by sixteenth century poet, Robert Southwell.

Frustrated by working under lockdown and worried that the 2020 festival might not happen, Arachne Press decided to continue as though everything would be alright, and asked writers to submit work that responded or reacted to or was inspired by a sixteenth century poem that editor Cherry Potts has always found comforting in a crisis: Robert Southwell’s Tymes Goe by Turnes; or that responded or reacted to or was inspired by some concept in it.

The poem observes the ebb and flow of fortune, nothing stays bad for ever, nor anything good – so get on with it while you can.

This isn’t exactly a response to Covid-19, but there’s an echo there – in Katie Margaret Hall’s epic train journey, New Orleans To Vancouver, and Jackie Taylor’s Rewilding; but there is also concern for the environment, and relationships and lives in need of nourishment that is hard to find. Buy here

L is For CoverA wonderful collection of short stories from some of the UK's current best-selling lesbian fiction authors takes you on a journey of tears, laughter, love and lust. With proceeds of all sales going to the charity R U Coming Out, this is one anthology that will hopefully sell for years to come.
Contributing authors:- VG Lee, Suzanne Egerton, Kiki Archer, Deborah Underwood, Angela Peach, Sarah Bolger, Clare Lydon, Crin Claxton, Angela Clerkin, HP Munro, Nic Herriot, Karen Campbell, Frances Gapper, Jade Winters, Tanith Nyx, Andrea Bramhall, Rain McAlistair, Katie Bennett-Hall, Chloe A Marshall

'L is For...' (Kindle) | 'L is For...' paperback

TNOF coverOUT NOW For £2.80!
A new collection of poetry called 'The Nature of Fragments'. The Nature of Fragments is an exciting debut short collection of poetry that explores the interface of physics and the physical, and a little bit of the political with contemporary poems questioning love, life and beyond. 
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