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Inspector Detective On Chantay Episode 6

Inspector Detective On Chan Tay is a six-part-audio-parody-crime-series, being released as a podcast on the Lesbian Lounge podcast channel; you could say the unwanted child of ‘Acorn Antiques’, ‘Poirot’ and ‘The Archers’.

Each 5 minute episode follows the hapless Inspector Detective On Chan Tay as they solve important crimes that occur among their friendship group.

Episodes will be available every Wednesday starting on the 27th February, for six weeks, and available via podbean (android) and Itunes (Apple Podcast) on The Lesbian Lounge podcast channel – host to a range of excellent podcasts from within the LBQ women’s community, such as ‘Claire Lydon’s Lesbian Book Group’ and ‘Rag Time’.

Inspector Detective On Chantay, says “No crime to small, but sometimes, crimes too big”.

Inspector Detective On Chantay is written, performed and produced by Sally McFerran, aka musician Alabaster Queen, and writer Katie Margaret Hall, creator of the UK’s first lesbian web series ‘She’s in London’.

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