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Finding my voice…

I recently took part in an excellent scriptwriting workshop for underrepresented writers, hosted by Led Creatives and supported by Ink Festival. The workshops were delivered by Poppy Pedder and were just brilliant. The aim of the workshops was for all participants to produce a short monologue that would be performed by an actor. All participantsContinue reading “Finding my voice…”

Tales from the Ether

I’m delighted to be included in this inaugural anthology from Orange Petal Press, a new indie publisher with a focus on underrepresented writers and short form. My poem I am Katie Margaret Hall the Wonder Woman is about how the battles we face in our lives make us the warriors we are now. As forContinue reading “Tales from the Ether”

Tymes goe by turnes

My poem New Orleans to Vancouver will be included in the upcoming Arachne press anthology and festival in honour of Winter Solstice (December 2020)

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