She’s in London episodes

To watch She’s in London please email Katie who can send you a link to view the episodes. Due to a music licensing issue the episodes are no longer freely available.

Episode 1 – Friendly in the Toilets Theo recounts her “normal Tuesday at work to flatmate Sam, revealing that the lesbian bar she works at is under threat of closing and that she slept with a customer (Hana) in the toilets

Episode 2 – Face-Stalking Theo reveals to Sam that Sam’s ex caught Theo in the toilets, Sam secretly invites her ex out with herself and Theo at the bar

Episode 3 – No Second Dates We find out Mel is behind the potential venue closure; Theo and Mel flirt, then kiss

Episode 4 – In the Still of the Night Theo takes Mel home to bed, they are nearly caught by Sam

Episode 5 – Pride Comes It’s three weeks later, and Theo has been absent from home with her “Mystery girlfriend”. It’s Pride and there’s a big campaign to save the bar.

Episode 6 – Before the Fall Everyone attempts to make amends; Theo and Sam make up; Mel quits her job and supports the campaign; Theo and Mel make up… there’s a knock at the door

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