Press coverage

Our Queer Art Interview with MIRI (August 2016)

Reversa Magazine, Review (December 2015)

Soy Del Ambiente, Visibility and Respect

The Out There Show, Croydon Radio (31 October 2015)

MIRI, Joanna, Lauren and Adwoa talk about their roles in She’s in London

My Lesbian Radio Lesbian Lounge (28 October, 2015)

Denise talks about the series and MIRI

Diva Magazine, TV Review (19 October 2015)’s-in-london-webseries.aspx

KitschMix (13 October 2015)


The Windy Times (7 October 2015)

First UK LBQ web series makes trans atlantic debut 

The Out There Show, Croydon Radio (4 October 2015)

Radio interview: Ems and Jules from Croydon Radio talk all things She’s in London (& more)

Planet London (27 September)

Article introducing the character of THEO: 

LOTL (25 September)


AfterEllen review (24 September)

Review of the series:

Out in South London (22 September)

Interviews (MIRI and Katie)

Gaydio (21 September)

Interviews (Kerry Leigh)

The Human Experience (13 September 2015)

Cast interview:

One More Lesbian

Published the trailer:

Diva Magazine (13 September 2015)

Trailer launch:

Planet London (11 September 2015)

Exclusive look at the episode titles:…

JoyFM (9 September 2015)

Radio interview: coming soon!

Curve Magazine coverage (6 September 2015) 

Out in Brighton (10 July 2015)

Listen to lead actor MIRI talk about playing Theo on 
Out in Brighton

Out in South London (12 May 2015)

Listen to Writer Katie Bennett-Hall talk about the project on 
Out in South London

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