Editorial Services

I am available for small-medium scale writing and editing services. My rates are negotiable, depending on the scale of the project, but will be a maximum of £80 for half a day or £150 for a full day

The types of services I offer are flexible, and tailored to meet your needs, but can include:

  • Copywriting: e.g. for websites, marketing & PR materials, social media, business documents, research and reports, articles & blogs 
  • Document Production: High quality Word documents with advanced functions including sections, contents, chapters, bookmarks and all the features available with Word; basic DTP (eg InDesign) layouts, providing web and print ready versions
  • Proofreading: Fixing typos, spelling and grammar errors, syntax, consistency checks, formatting, technical language and jargon reviews and more
  • Copyediting: Providing an editorial service that incorporates proofreading, but goes much more in depth to review, improve and sharpen your copy or text without losing the authenticity of your brand or voice. Includes business documents, reports, prose and longer texts. 

My credentials

I am an English Literature graduate, with a PG Diploma in Management and a Masters in Creative Writing. I have over twenty years in corporate communications, publishing, marketing, business development and research roles and am a published writer and journalist. My portfolio speaks for itself.

Client Testemonials

“Finding someone with skills is one thing – and Katie has them aplenty. But, finding someone with skills who can grasp a complex brief fast and deliver on it exactly, is something else again. If you want to get quality work, perfectly executed, without having to explain yourself a hundred times, give Katie a call. She’s the real deal.”
— Annie Garthwaite, author of ‘Cecily’

“Despite having been a writer for 30 years, when I submitted my novel to Katie, she was able to spot discrepancies and issues with perspective in my story that I had not realised was there. She was constructive and understanding, allowing me to retain autonomy over my intellectual property but with expert advice. I’ve never known a more knowledgeable, eloquent and smart editor and writer as Katie. My novel would never have been possible without her. I’ve learned so much under her guidance and tutelage. Another of Katie’s qualities is patience, which I greatly appreciated. She also knew all the legalities and requirements of publication. I have complete trust in Katie and will go to no other editor.”
— Author

“As a new writer, having Katie as my editor was invaluable. She guided me through the process and successfully secured a 3 book deal with a publisher.  Katie is efficient, patient and reasonable priced, and I highly recommend her services.”
–Denise Warner

“A brilliantly talented writer. Unimposing, honest, fact-forward. Succinct, hard-hitting, non-agrressive, assertive and yet not in the slightest way eluding to so-called privilege or entitlement” — Client

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