Film review: Life of the Party

The comeback of the older, mature woman on screen 2018 has been one of the best years of cinema I can recall. Finally after decades of Hollywood and world cinema, female character of all ages are rightfully taking centre screen. LOTP is no exception. I’ve been an McCarthy fan for some time: Gilmore Girls, Saturday Night Live, TheContinue reading “Film review: Life of the Party”

The Privilege of Mental Ill Health in 2017 #MentalHealth

I am currently in the middle of what might have previously been called a nervous breakdown. I have faced some life situation adversities in the last few years that have collectively triggered a major episode of anxiety disorder for me.  However, I am not experiencing these adversities and responses from a position of disadvantage. Due to myContinue reading “The Privilege of Mental Ill Health in 2017 #MentalHealth”

My lesbian soundtrack for the year of healing: 2017 #MentalHealth

This year I have made big strides in focusing on looking after my wellbeing and resilience, and undertaking a huge and significant journey to repair some of the emotional damage I’ve had to go through in the last few years. The idea is that this will make stronger, wiser and happier. And I’m getting there,Continue reading “My lesbian soundtrack for the year of healing: 2017 #MentalHealth”

#MentalHealth – My Road to Healing

I’m embarking on an escape. I need to leave the claustrophobia of London and the South East and feel some gentle freedom in the green and pleasant fields outside the anchor of the M25. I am attempting to capture some of the moments below. Day 1: Mostly M1 and M6 with a little Bedfordshire magicContinue reading “#MentalHealth – My Road to Healing”

Is Monogamy Dead… or just Love as we know it? (Book review and interview with Rosie Wilby)

Rosie Wilby’s new book Is Monogamy Dead (released 3 August 2017 by Accent Press) explores some of the biggest questions about love in modern times in a smart, accessible, humorous, compassionate way. Using the narrative of her own relationship journeys, through a path she describes as “serial monogamy” (perhaps an oxymoron, the book implies) that feels veryContinue reading “Is Monogamy Dead… or just Love as we know it? (Book review and interview with Rosie Wilby)”

The LBQ Key Performance Indicators – How many exes are you friends with?

What is with the Lesbian/Bi/Queer (LBQ) womens’ obsession with being friends with our exes as a measure of how well adjusted we are? Since when is a bundle of ex girlfriends as friends a KPI of how good a human/ LBQ woman I am? There are reasons I choose to stay in touch with someContinue reading “The LBQ Key Performance Indicators – How many exes are you friends with?”

Theatre Review: Rosie Wilby’s Conscious Uncoupling

As audiences have come to expect and appreciate from Rosie’s thematic one woman shows, there’s a joyous mix of humour, tragedy, music, commentary and story telling. The theme is break ups. How to handle them… or not… and what do they even mean anyway? Explored through a clever narrative structure combining multi media elements, threadedContinue reading “Theatre Review: Rosie Wilby’s Conscious Uncoupling”