Review: Margaret Cho – Cho Dependent

Eat Sh*t and Die
Not for the faint-hearted, Cho takes us on a comedy tour that is at some points close to the wire, covering subjects from abortion to cunnilingus, that constantly kept the audience laughing.

Proud – of her sexuality, politics and cultural heritage – and most importantly of who she is, Cho does not hold back, telling tales in a conversational format.

She also pulls the most fantastic faces as she characterises various people in her tails. Cho also isn’t shy to kiss and tell and gossip away and there are a few gems of truth in her stories of previous lovers and Dancing with the Stars.

Alongside a genuinely funny and very tight set is the unexpected bonus of her songs, think Victoria Wood on coke! Cho is supported by John Roberts, a cheesy New York gay with many wigs.

Catch Cho until Saturday at The Leicester Square Theatre, a great little venue with bars inside the auditorium – well worth a visit (if you can still get tickets) or on 16 October at the Brighton Comedy Festival.

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