Review: “She’s Electric” Lucy Spraggan Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Well. From the two previous Lucy gigs we’ve seen, the Borderline in May (Read the full review here) and Brighton Pride (see the full review here) it feels like we’ve evolved into the stratosphere.

Two singles, One album and a #7 chart position later, Lucy has become the full package. From aflop to electric dreams, it’s a transformation of the highest order.

Noticeable in the audience, at a packed Shepherd’s Bush Empire – Lucy’s biggest gig to date – was a move away from the tweenie crowd majority during the last tour; giving the sense of credibility amongst a diverse rather than just teen lesbian fan base.

The set is a local pub, homage to #BeerFear and Lucy’s early days gigging 5 nights a week. However as soon as the music kicks in it’s clear this is no Friday night pub gig.

The album tracks are used to tell the story of Lucy’s journey. It’s as if the songs have all been struck by lightening and are amplified on stage. The arrangement, performance and sound is another level from what we saw over the Summer.
The vibration and tempo echoes through the empire creating a world class live concert experience. The live versions are an incredible variation on the studio tracks. Such added depth from the inclusion of the electric guitar, keyboard and full drums in the band. Standing out in particular, the “You’re Too Young” rap, the epic “Safe” and the closing finale “Wait for Me” that had us bouncing like the good old days.

All in all an unexpected maturisation that still gives humble thanks to the story-telling original songs that underlie it all. And a reminder of why I’ll be first in line to buy tickets at the next London gig. Lucy was supported by Shannon and Andreas Moe.

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