Interview: “Kiss Her I’m Famous”: Interview with Rolla Selbak

Following the selection of Rolla Selbak’s web series “Kiss Her I’m Famous” in the Raindance Film Festival’s first independent web festival, we caught up with the Award Winning Director to find out what inclusion in the festival means and what’s coming up for the hit series.

Kiss Her I’m Famous is the tale of two misguided best friends who decide that making a sex tape will be an easy catapault into fame and fortune.

Kiss Her I’m Famous season 1 is available from Tello/One More Lesbian. Starring Tracey Ryerson (The Real L Word) and Ilea Matthews, the popular series sets out to parody the very situation it sets up. It takes us from the drama that inspired the idea, through the comedy trials and tribulations of advertising auditions, watching audition tapes and filming, and leaving us on a cliffhanger as the friendship turns in an unexpected direction. (And the trailer alone amassed over 1million You Tube views.)

Selbak says, on coming up with the idea for the series, “Gratuity and fake publicity seem to be able to push just about anyone into the spotlight these days, so I wrote the series as a satire that tackles the phenomenon in smart and entertaining way.”

Despite the subject matter for the series, Selbak has never had the stomach to watch a full celebrity sex tape, instead being inspired by audio clips from some of the more famous examples.

The transition to a web series reflects the shift in audience tide. “We like to believe that our attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter, but in actuality, there’s even more of a hunger for stories and characters that stay with us across a longer period of time, especially now that we can consume streaming content whenever, and wherever we like.”

Selbak comments that there’s also the chance to “develop a different kind of relationship to the characters and stories when you watch them spread them out in a series, rather than sitting in a theater for an hour-and-a-half, and then leaving.”

Inclusion in the Raindance Festival is very welcomed by Selbak. Not only is it on a platform that will spring board the series, but it’s a respected festival and a fantastic opportunity to develop those contacts, Selbak elaborates “Believe it or not, Raindance has always been one of my favorite film festivals of all time, even as a young filmmaker starting out. Their curation and respect of the indie film world is something I’ve always admired. So to be part their first ever Web Fest is an absolute honor, I couldn’t be more elated.

“Through the film festival, I’ve been making some long-lasting connections with dynamic filmmakers, and have discovered some unbelievable content already, even before the first screening!” And that’s not the end, fans of the show will be pleased to know. Season 2 is in production and will be available from Tello/One More Lesbian in January. The tape is leaked and we follow Jen and Mandy as they face the consequences.

The cast will be joined by guest stars Fawzia Mirza and Noureen DeWulf.

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