Film review: ’52 Tuesdays’ (dir. Sophie Hyde)

An extraordinary LGBT film, where format and method drove the art throughout production, resulting in a wonderfully gentle portrayal of a quintessential modern queer family.

Following a strict set of parameters and structure, devised prior to the story and characters themselves, and using non professional actors who received scripts one week at a time, director Sophie Hyde and writer Matthew Cormack set a creative challenge of a year long journey filming a script set on, and captured on consecutive Tuesday afternoons, stopping precisely at midnight each time, capturing what they could, and leaving behind anything they did not.

The calibre of performances from the entire cast is exceptional. Genuine, authentic relationships and a unique yet universal mother-daughter relationship between “James” (Del Herbert-Jane) and teenage daughter “Billie” (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) add to the almost documentary-style cinematography, together creating an impression of reality not often conveyed in feature films.

Originally published on Planet London.

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