Film Review: Tru Love (dirs. Kate Johnston and Shauna Macdonald)

Written, Directed & Produced by KATE JOHNSTON & SHAUNA
Further information:
Tru Love is the latest Canadian export that lesbian, bi & queer film fans are going to just love. It comes to the 2014 BFI Flare.

Beautifully shot over a Toronto Winter, this sweetly told story creates an unusual love story and journey. The eponymous Tru (Shauna Macdonald) is the typical “Shane”, loving the ladies superficially, but not the depth of commitment a relationship would require. It transpires that she has good reason to use sex instead of love to be close to people.

Until she meets Alice. And their deeply touching connection surprises them both, at a time in their lives they least expect it. Of course, it’s not as simple as “girl meets girl” and there are many layers of complexity that challenge the development of this friendship. Not in the least, Tru’s past messy exploits with Alice’s daughter, Suzanne, with whom Alice is staying. It’s complicated, but the connection is clear and strong. Will love win through all the challenges?

Three deeply moving and believable performances come together in this film, bringing a rare combination of three strong female leads with no male interference, alongside the stunning back drop of Toronto in the snow. Will Alice impart her “carpe diem” life motto to Tru and Suzanne before it’s too late?

Tru Love is the kismet product of a chance meeting between the directors, who fast became friends and creative partners to make this film happen.

What the film makers have to say…
We caught up with Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald got the lowdown on what the film means to them, and how they managed to pull of such a feat of a feature on a very tight budget…

Listen to the full interview here (first 5 minutes above):

The synopsis:
Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald’s Tru Love is a sparkling and evocative love story about the intersecting lives of three women. Alice has recently lost her husband and, still coming to terms, has on the spur of the moment decided to visit her daughter Suzanne in the big city. When Suzanne – whose relationship with her mother is already
conflicted – is too busy to spend time with her, she enlists friend Tru to babysit Alice while she works.

A commitment-phobic lesbian, Tru forms an unlikely but deeply touching bond with Alice, helping her to pick herself up and move on with her life and the possibility of a relationship between the two sparks into life. When Suzanne witnesses a tender moment between mother and friend her subsequent actions stress the relationship of all three women, leading to a heartbreaking climax.

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