Comedy Review: Mae Martin Slumber Party @ Soho Theatre

Venue: Soho Theatre
Run: 9 – 12 October, 9.15pm
Tickets: £10-12.50 available from Soho Theatre.
Rating: 5 * charming, witty & hilarious facial expressions
“Come What Mae”

In her Slumber Party Show, fresh from Edinburgh, Mae Martin takes us on a comedic coming of age exploration of life (from being dumped via speaker phone to Christmas dinner at Wetherspoons).

From the warm welcoming, understated entrance, it’s like a humorous ‘getting to know’ a new best friend. Mae is charming, witty and modest. She tells tales about those familiar milestones of growing up with compassion and hilarious facial expressions. She’s a self confessed Harry Potter erotica fan.

Mae presents a tendency to be compared in appearance to inanimate objects, anecdotes about lots of Canadian now- 20-somethings (“Do you know x?” Probably just as well we don’t) and a unique quirky perspective on life, but the humility to allow us to laugh at her despite (or because of) it all.

She brings physical comedy smoothly into the mix, demonstrating her gangly younger teen self, and facial expressions that are as endearing as funny. The new BFF theme is continued as plenty of contemporary and contemporaneous cultural references pepper the anecdotes, (imagine living with the voice of Ke$ha inside your mind) and audience interaction that included the standard psychological test “Would you play Jumanji”?

See Mae live if you can.

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