My lesbian soundtrack for the year of healing: 2017 #MentalHealth

This year I have made big strides in focusing on looking after my wellbeing and resilience, and undertaking a huge and significant journey to repair some of the emotional damage I’ve had to go through in the last few years.

The idea is that this will make stronger, wiser and happier. And I’m getting there, I am happy to say.

With the support from professionals such as my GP, a therapist, a psychiatrist and my employer I’ve been able to give the time and space this kind of work really needs.

One of the things that has kept me going through the darker times has been revisiting some classic emo lesbian music. I’ve also been fortunate enough to attend a few live gigs this year of some of the most iconic indie/non mainstream musicians around today (Lucy Spraggan, Tegan and Sara, Betty, my favs MIRI and ME and Deboe at L Fest, and woop the Indigo Girls).

It’s been the music of the Indigo Girls especially that has played a large part in helping me reconnect and re-identify with parts of myself I thought I had lost. Parts of myself that existed before all the bad stuff happened. It has been wonderful. Their music, some of it around 30 years old is still as touching, meaningful, important and revolutionary as it ever was.

Thank you, all of you iconic acts for coming to London and/or the UK because your fans get so much out of seeing you live and connecting to the music. It’s truly powerful and healing. 

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