Tales from the Ether

I’m delighted to be included in this inaugural anthology from Orange Petal Press, a new indie publisher with a focus on underrepresented writers and short form.

My poem I am Katie Margaret Hall the Wonder Woman is about how the battles we face in our lives make us the warriors we are now.

As for the rest of the book… In the tradition of Stephen King meets Elena Ferrante, here you will read about the generous dead, the vengeful dead, the bored dead and … well, the dead. Italian nuns and gothic mansions, gangland alleyways and cemeteries. Who does patrol the graveyard? What is it like to be dead? Why do the orphans sneak out at night? Short pieces by entertaining writers: gothic fiction, literature, historic, young adult, crime, twists in the tale, humour, gripping life writing, literary, poetry and non-fiction-all in one volume. Stories set in the USA, the UK, India, Italy and Indonesia. Award winners- The Felix Dennis Prize and The Word Poetry Competition. Writers from Warwick Writing Programme-the number one creative writing programme in the UK. Writers from around the world and voices from under represented groups present stong female leads, murderers and police officers, gutsy takes on love, ambition, disappointment, disability, friendship, colourism and racism. Muslims, Catholics and those for whom religion isn’t a thing. Easy to read from cover to cover, dip into, or graze. Skim, ponder, study by yourself, or study with a class.

Available on Amazon in ebook or paperback.

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