Greetings from Toronto

Last year I was lucky enough to be awarded funding to undertake a research project at Ryerson University in Toronto; specifically the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre.

My project is called ‘Confessional Knowing: A critically queer reading of friendships in the letters and journals of modernist women’. Under Dr. Irene Gammel’s supervision I will be investigating modernist confessional writing about friendship between women (eg Stein, Stettheimmer, Trefusis) from a contemporary queer feminist perspective. Researching both primary and secondary texts to determine what we can know about friendship and how this might challenge what we think is known. I will also be examining confessional writing as a feminist intervention. As well as developing a conference paper and research paper with Dr. Gammel, I hope to also produce a creative response to the texts.

The funding comes through a global exchange scheme via MITACS and UKRI, accessible through being a funded PhD student at Kingston.

I arrived in Toronto last Wednesday, amidts a Covid lockdown and freezing temperatures. However, I’m trying to make my way around the city on foot and get to know cool places to walk. Once lockdown ends, I’ll have an office based at the MLC will which will be an excellent way to connect with my colleagues. I’ll also be participating in a literature class and a creative practice class, encouraging discussion and bringing a UK perspective.

I’m looking forward to the journey ahead and will be posting updates.

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