Interview: #QLive Drop Dead Gorgeous: interview with Republica & Kenelis

We were very lucky to catch up with Saffron Sprackling, lead singer of legendary band Republica, and Mel Sanson, Q Alternative Stage organiser and front person, as well as lead singer for Brighton rock band Kenelis right before they rocked the stage at Brighton Pride.
Planet London (PL): What’s been the vibe for you at Brighton Pride today and what have you enjoyed so far?
Saffron Sprackling (SS): Well it’s been such an amazing day. To be here with Mel Sanson and Vicky from Kenelis who are co-ordinating the Q Stage, and seeing their dream realised… with the crowd being amazing, going crazy for all the bands, especially Lucy Spraggan earlier in the day, it’s going to be fantastic to see Kenelis perform and then go on stage oursevles.
Mel Sanson (MS): Joan of Arc played a Guns N Roses cover ealier, that I managed to catch in between working, and that was amazing as well.
PL: Will you be partying after the Park?
Both: Hell yeah!
PL: What’s been your favourite performance today then?
MS: I can’t really pick a favourite, it wouldn’t be fair!
SS: Lucy Spraggan!
PL: Why did you introduce the Q Stage and why is it important for Brighton Pride?
MS: I just think it’s important to have alternative music in the park, not just the main stage, main stream singers with backing vocals. Brighton Pride want to make the event more like a festival… I was previously involved with the women’s live performance stage but this year I thought, “Why limit it to women?” So the Q Stage is about live music, it doesn’t matter what your gender or sexuality is, it’s about playing live music at Pride.
PL: If you could be in a girl band of your choice who would you choose to join you?
SS: I’d be in TLC because that’s my favourite girl band of all time. If I could make my own… then Courtney Love, Mel Sanson, PJ Harvey, Shirley Manson, Gwen Stefani…
PL: Can we join?
PL: What music is your guilty pleasure?
MS: Example. I like it. Not cool for a rocker but I like it.
SS: Supertramp and the BeeGees.
PL: Tell us a secret about yourself…
Both: There really aren’t any. Everything’s out there already.
PL: Is there any song out there you wish you had written?
SS: Waterfall by TLC. But there’s so many really, like Read my Mind by Gordon Lightfoot. Beatles songs.
MS: Drop Dead Gorgeous.
PL: Who would be your ultimate person to cover your songs?
SS: Kenelis!
MS: Republica!

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