Interview: #QLive Interview: A little catch up with Lucy Spraggan…

We caught up on the latest with Brighton local and Brighton PrideQ Alternative Stage performer Lucy Spraggan backstage…
Planet London (PL): What’s been the vibe for Brighton Pride for you today? What have you enjoyed? Will you be after-partying?
Lucy Spraggan (LS): I really like that it’s a local event…I will definitely be partying later, not sure where yet, but I’ll be out.
PL: Who’s your favourite lesbian artist
LS: I’m a big believer in not defining singers by their sexuality, whether they are gay or straight… I am proud to be gay but I don’t want to single ourselves out. My favourite artist is Dolly Parton. A big ol’ gay icon!
PL: What’s been your best moment of the summer so far?
LS: I think it’s going to happen this week. [Editor’s note – we’ll let you know if we find out].
PL: How many tattoos have you got?
LS: I’ve got one that’s 2 days old – I went and sat for four and a half hours for that… I don’t know now many there
are… a lot!
PL: What’s your favourite one?
LS: Probably this one of Steve [points to a very close resembling portrait of her beloved French Bull Terrier Steve, on her right arm]. Or this one which I got the day after I wrote Tea and Toast [it’s tiny a mug of tea on her heel. Olly Murs is still tattoed on her foot alongside a few Lucy did herself. Rock and Roll.]
PL: What song that someone else wrote do you wish you could have written?
LS: I always think Fields of Gold by Sting.
PL: Who would you like to cover one of your songs
LS: Dolly Parton [we’re spotting a theme here] but anyone really, it’s always a compliment when people cover my
PL: Imagine her doing Tea and Toast – that would be pretty fantastic
LS: It really would.
PL: If you could be in any girlband for the day, who would be the other members?
LS: Liza Tarbuck, The Vicar of Dibley and… Rylan!
PL: every girl band should have a Rylan.
PL: How do you take your tea?
LS: I used to take it black no sugar. I drank so much I can’t drink it any more.
PL: What do you eat on your toast?
LS: Everything! Bananas are good. Everything goes on toast.
PL: What music is your guilty pleasure?
LS: Really shameless EDM – European Dance Music. And dancing to it.
PL: and finally… tell us a secret about yourself
LS: I’m pretty open, it’s all out there already. I’ve got a stranger’s name tattooed on my bum.
PL: I think you may have shared that secret with a few million TV viewers already.
LS: See it’s all out there.

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