Theatre Review: Rosie Wilby’s Conscious Uncoupling

As audiences have come to expect and appreciate from Rosie’s thematic one woman shows, there’s a joyous mix of humour, tragedy, music, commentary and story telling.

The theme is break ups. How to handle them… or not… and what do they even mean anyway? Explored through a clever narrative structure combining multi media elements, threaded by parallel strands of comedy and commentary, Rosie offers a honest and often painful recount of a break up journey.

There’s plenty of tears, laughter and some fine insight into relationships that break down and then reconstruct in new formats and plenty of consideration from the same-sex perspective too (why do all lesbians end up friends with their exes?) and finally a super twist that cuts through the audience much like a surprise break up email.

On at the Camden Fringe Festival (Camden People’s Theatre, £8) until the 21st August (but keep your eyes peeled on Rosie’s social media for future dates), and unlike the phrase’s orignators, Consicious Uncoupling (NOT Unconscious Coupling which would be an entirely different show) is well worth a view. 

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