Breaking up with Radio 1

I always knew this day would come, but for many years I feared it would come before I was ready for it. 

There’s a moment every Radio 1 listener will face… the day they realise they are too old for the station. 

Radio 1 has given me some amazing times over my entire working career, in the office, on the commute – hundreds of hilarious features by some of my absolute heroes – Scott Mills, Jo Whiley, Gemma Cairney, Sara Cox. I’ve been mentioned on 4 shows (talking to Sara Cox about Sh!, playing I want your text with Jo Whiley, Nemone playing my anthem choice and my most proudly an email being read out by Scott Mills.) Some of my favourite features… Flirt Divert, Stupid Street, Oh! What’s Occuring, Real or No Real, What’s Beccy’s Forte, Song Parodies and the like… millions of hours of entertainment that feels like being involved in a secret club. 

More recently, I’ve been an avid podcast listener. Never missing a show via these wonderful free episodes

Radio 1 has got slicker over the years – it’s moved away from some of the rough and ready – and become perhaps on the verge of too corporate – but it always has the listener at the heart of its content. And I’ve always been a fan of how it champions new music. 

So farewell my friend. I’m sure I’ll check back every now and then to see how things are going… keep doing what you are doing!

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