Comedy Review: Mae Martin Slumber Party @ Soho Theatre

Venue: Soho TheatreRun: 9 – 12 October, 9.15pmTickets: £10-12.50 available from Soho Theatre.Rating: 5 * charming, witty & hilarious facial expressions“Come What Mae” In her Slumber Party Show, fresh from Edinburgh, Mae Martin takes us on a comedic coming of age exploration of life (from being dumped via speaker phone to Christmas dinner at Wetherspoons).Continue reading “Comedy Review: Mae Martin Slumber Party @ Soho Theatre”

Interview: Jemima Rooper

Jemima Rooper is set to star as Sharon in new play Breeders, written by Ben Ockrent, directed by Tamara Harvey, from 3 September – 4 October at the St James Theatre. Angela Griffin and Tamsin Outhwaite also star. Roopers’s career began playing tomboy George in the TV re-make of The Famous Five, and includes several lesbian roles alongContinue reading “Interview: Jemima Rooper”

Interview with Mae Martin

We caught up with Mae Martin as they prepared for their upcoming show at Soho Theatre (Wed 9 to Sat 12 October). We decided to dig into her inner mind and find out a bit more about Mae and their comedy antics. Q. What is your favourite joke?I sometimes search for “people falling down” on YouTube. Hours ofContinue reading “Interview with Mae Martin”

Album Review: Ani DiFranco ‘Allergic to Water’

Ani Difranco is currently touring the UK and Europe with upcoming dates in London. Her latest album Allergic to Water will be released on October 13th, to much anticipation within the LBQ community.Released on Righteous Babe RecordsRelease Date 13 October 2014 The Ani DiFranco Canon pt I and II are some of the most playedContinue reading “Album Review: Ani DiFranco ‘Allergic to Water’”

Review: Pulsatingly glorious: “Tipping the Velvet” @ Lyric Hammersmith Reviewed

It’s all very theatrical in a pleasing triumphant vision. Narrated by David Cardy to guide the audience through the story (highlighting the elements cut out, and delving into Nancy’s (played by Sally Messham) psyche) and pitching the meta-get up early on, the audience is invited to take on a voyueristic observation of charismatic Nancy ‘Nan’ King’s journey through the dizziedContinue reading “Review: Pulsatingly glorious: “Tipping the Velvet” @ Lyric Hammersmith Reviewed”

Interview: #QLive Interview: A little catch up with Lucy Spraggan…

We caught up on the latest with Brighton local and Brighton PrideQ Alternative Stage performer Lucy Spraggan backstage…Planet London (PL): What’s been the vibe for Brighton Pride for you today? What have you enjoyed? Will you be after-partying?Lucy Spraggan (LS): I really like that it’s a local event…I will definitely be partying later, not sureContinue reading “Interview: #QLive Interview: A little catch up with Lucy Spraggan…”

Interview: #QLive Drop Dead Gorgeous: interview with Republica & Kenelis

We were very lucky to catch up with Saffron Sprackling, lead singer of legendary band Republica, and Mel Sanson, Q Alternative Stage organiser and front person, as well as lead singer for Brighton rock band Kenelis right before they rocked the stage at Brighton Pride.Planet London (PL): What’s been the vibe for you at BrightonContinue reading “Interview: #QLive Drop Dead Gorgeous: interview with Republica & Kenelis”

Film review: ‘Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?’ dir Anna Margarita Albelo

The day after her 40th birthday, a filmmaker who sacrificed her love life for her film career realises she has neither, and decides to get them both by adapting an all-female version of, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” With an award-winning performance from Guinevere Turner (The L Word, Go Fish, outstanding as Penelope and playingContinue reading “Film review: ‘Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?’ dir Anna Margarita Albelo”

Film Review: Tru Love (dirs. Kate Johnston and Shauna Macdonald)

Written, Directed & Produced by KATE JOHNSTON & SHAUNAMACDONALDStarring: SHAUNA MACDONALD, KATE TROTTER & CHRISTINEHORNEFurther information: Love is the latest Canadian export that lesbian, bi & queer film fans are going to just love. It comes to the 2014 BFI Flare. Beautifully shot over a Toronto Winter, this sweetly told story creates an unusual loveContinue reading “Film Review: Tru Love (dirs. Kate Johnston and Shauna Macdonald)”

Film review: #BFIFlare Valencia prod. Michelle Tea (Hearts)

Directors: Peter Anthony, Sharon Barnes, Aubree Bernier-Clarke, Cary Cronenwett, Bug Davidson, Cheryl Dunye, Lares Feliciano, Dia Felix, Hilary Goldberg, Silas Howard, Alexa Inkeles, Jerry Lee, Olivia Parriott, Jill Soloway, Samuel Topiary, Courtney Trouble, Michelle Lawler, Sara St. Martin Lynne, Chris Vargas, GregYoumansProducers: Hilary Goldberg, Michelle Tea.With Michelle Tea, Annie Danger, Lil Miss Hot Mess ThisContinue reading “Film review: #BFIFlare Valencia prod. Michelle Tea (Hearts)”