Interview: “Kiss Her I’m Famous”: Interview with Rolla Selbak

Following the selection of Rolla Selbak’s web series “Kiss Her I’m Famous” in the Raindance Film Festival’s first independent web festival, we caught up with the Award Winning Director to find out what inclusion in the festival means and what’s coming up for the hit series. Kiss Her I’m Famous is the tale of two misguided best friends whoContinue reading “Interview: “Kiss Her I’m Famous”: Interview with Rolla Selbak”

Book review: The Lindsay Gordon Series – Val McDermid

“The Lesbian Anti-Hero; My hero”I am two thirds through reading this series and had to take a pause and share the wonderful experience reading these books with you. Starting with Report for Murder (1987) the book which introduces us to our heroine with attitude, Glaswegian journalist Lindsay Gordon, we are thrown into a series thatContinue reading “Book review: The Lindsay Gordon Series – Val McDermid”

Review: “Let the Skyfall” Jade Ellis @ The Candy Bar

We chatted with the delightful Jade Ellis before her half hour set at Candy Bar. Jade was an X-Factor finalist in 2012. Since leaving the ITV show, she has been working on her music and this year has taken the plunge to establish herself as an artist. Jade says she’s been “gigging, gigging, gigging” up and down theContinue reading “Review: “Let the Skyfall” Jade Ellis @ The Candy Bar”

Review: “She’s Electric” Lucy Spraggan Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Well. From the two previous Lucy gigs we’ve seen, the Borderline in May (Read the full review here) and Brighton Pride (see the full review here) it feels like we’ve evolved into the stratosphere. Two singles, One album and a #7 chart position later, Lucy has become the full package. From aflop to electric dreams,Continue reading “Review: “She’s Electric” Lucy Spraggan Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire”

Interview: Lucy Spraggan talks to us about fans, life and the future

Beer Fear, Boobs & Pride…Following a short-lived appearance on X-Factor, something which she is clear to acknowledge was a spring board to all that’s happened in her career throughout 2013, Lucy Spraggan has rocketed onto the pop music scene. No stranger to writing, gigging, recording, with her quirky, extremely likeable, original acoustic-folk-hip-hop style, it’s fantastic to see this young musician takeContinue reading “Interview: Lucy Spraggan talks to us about fans, life and the future”

Review: Magical, Mystery Manchester Pride… (2013)

Peace, love & respect…”We set off for Manchester at 6.30am not knowing what to expect in the day ahead. We decided to drive because at late notice hotels were approximately £200 a night and train travel would have been £70 return (not bad) but the last train left Manchester before 9pm. So we drove, arrived in 4 hours andContinue reading “Review: Magical, Mystery Manchester Pride… (2013)”

My Kingdom for Horse: Interview with Horse

We caught up with Horse at LFestive in Birmingham on December 1st, who performed some classic tracks and also alongside the L Project performance of charity single “It Get’s Better”. Horse credits her longstanding music career, which spans some 30 years, to determination, self belief and the power of her songs. It hasn’t been the straightforward career-in-a-boxContinue reading “My Kingdom for Horse: Interview with Horse”

“This Lady’s Not for Turning Either”: Interview with Susan Calman

Scottish BAFTA winning, Funny Woman finalist, Stand up Comedian Susan Calman took some time out of rehearsals to talk to Planet London about mixing politics with comedy, reactions to her often deeply personal stand up routines, and not Googling herself. Calman, who is also known for excellent turns as a panellist on a number ofContinue reading ““This Lady’s Not for Turning Either”: Interview with Susan Calman”

Review: How (not) to make it britpop

This LifeA special performance, funded by Southwark LGBT network, and including guest appearences from some of Rosie’s old bandmates and a panel discussion on autobiography in art with Rosie Wilby, Nick Field and Brian Lobel, and chaired by Jane Czyzselska (Diva). The atmospheric Southwark Playhouse, with it’s exposed brick-lined arches, dark moody ambiance and classic Blur pumping throughContinue reading “Review: How (not) to make it britpop”

Review: Margaret Cho – Cho Dependent

Eat Sh*t and DieNot for the faint-hearted, Cho takes us on a comedy tour that is at some points close to the wire, covering subjects from abortion to cunnilingus, that constantly kept the audience laughing. Proud – of her sexuality, politics and cultural heritage – and most importantly of who she is, Cho does notContinue reading “Review: Margaret Cho – Cho Dependent”